Types of Drone

There are many different types of drone available. While most hobbyists go for racing drones and photography drones there are also professional drones available to businesses such as commercial drones and agricultural drones. Here’s the rundown on all of the different types of drone that you can get…..

Starter Drones

Starter Drones are the drones that are designed for beginners. These types of drones usually come with protection to protect the drone pilot and other people around them. Also, most starter drones come with some assist features which make it easy to fly the drones. The best example of Starter drones is the DJI Tello Ryze that comes with propeller guards and a great camera. It is also a programmable drone which allows you to program the flight patterns with the Tello. Starter Drones such as DJI Tello Ryze are ideal for beginners.

starter drones

Kids Drones

As the name suggests, Kids Drones are the drones that are designed for the kids. Kids drones are also commonly known as Toy drones. The main focus of these drones is to provide the kids some entertainment while keeping them safe that’s why kids drones come with safety grill. These drones usually don’t come with a camera but the ones that come with the camera offer low-quality footage. The best example of Kids drones is this Mini UFO Drone that comes with a plastic grill that offers 360-degree protection. It also comes with simple controls that make it easier to fly the drone.

types of drone kids drones

Mini Drones

Mini Drones are the drones that are very small in size which makes them very portable. In recent years, Mini drones have got very popular because of their compact size and great portability. When it comes to Mini Drones, DJI drones outshine the others because of their great foldable design and great quality. DJI Mavic Mini is one of the best mini drones out there and it weighs only 250 grams. It also comes with a great camera and 3-axis gimbal which ensures that you get the smooth footage.

mavic mini

Selfie Drones

Selfies have become an important part of our lives and there are some great selfie drones out there that can help you with it. Selfie drones are very similar to the other drones but these drones come with some distinct features such as gesture support which make it easier to use them for selfies. The best example of Selfie Drones is the DJI Spark which is a dedicated Selfie drone by DJI. It is equipped with the 12 MP camera which can take the best quality selfies and videos. It also comes with gestures support which makes it easier to fly and take selfies.

DJI Spark

Racing Drones

Racing Drones are the drones that are designed for drone racing. These types of drones come with the best build quality and strong materials to ensure that they handle the crashes. Also, racing drones usually come with a dedicated remote controller that offers a better reception. Walkera Rodeo 150 is one of the best racing drones out there. It comes with the carbon fiber body which ensures that drones can handle the crashes. It also features the 600 TVL HD wide-angle camera and real-time image transmission. 

FPV Drones

FPV Drones are the types of drones that offer the First Person View (FPV). FPV drones also are also commonly known as Remote-person views (RPV) as you get the remote video transmission from the drones. These drones are capable of transmitting the video back to the controller and the drone pilot gets the first-person view on the display. The best example of FPV Drones is Simrex X300C FPV mini drone which comes with the 2.4 GHz Remote controller. It also comes with the foldable design which makes it portable and you can carry it around in your bag pack.

Professional Drones (Aerial photography)

Professional Drones are the drones that are designed for the professionals and these drones can be used for cinematography, aerial photography, aerial videography, and other purposes. These drones usually come with the best quality camera sensors and great flight time. The best example of Professional drones is DJI Phantom 4 Pro which is arguably the best professional drone out there. It comes with a 20 MP sensor which is capable of recording 4K Videos with 60 FPS and 100 Mbps Bitrate. Phantom 4 Pro also offers a flight time of 30 minutes which is better than most professional drones.

phantom 4 pro

Commercial Drones

Commercial Drones are the drones that are designed for the businesses, and any drone which is used for commercial purposes can be classified as commercial drones. Commercial drones usually come with extensive flight range, great flight time, high payload capacity, and weather resistance. These drones are used for various purposes such as deliveries, pest control, land surveying, etc. The ideal example of Commercial Drone is DJI Matrice 200 which comes with the great build quality and it can easily handle strong winds and can be even used in sub-zero temperatures. The drone comes with an operation range of 7 Kilometers and a flight time of 38 minutes. It also comes with a max payload capacity of 2 KG.

Agriculture Drones

Agriculture Drones are the drones that are specifically designed for Agriculture and they help with a field known as “Precision Agriculture”. It is basically the concept of farm management where you use the drone to collect various data which can help you improve your crop health and efficiency of input methods. Parrot Bluegrass Drone is one of the best agriculture drones out there. It is equipped with features that provide valuable insights that can help you boost the quality of your crops. Similarly, DJI Agras MG-1 is another very capable Agriculture drone that is mainly used for the application of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.

Underwater Drones

Underwater Drones are basically the mini-submarine that you can control remotely. These drones come with features such as water resistance and more which help these drones to survive underwater. Also, underwater drones come with an impressive camera sensor and features such as image stabilization and slow-motion which allow it to capture the great footage underwater. Qysea Fifish V6 is one of the best underwater drones that comes with a great camera capable of recording 4K UHD footage with 30 FPS. It also offers 4.5 hours of diving time which allows the drone to stay underwater for a long period. 

types of drone underwater drone

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