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SNAPTAIN is a popular drone company that specializes in entry-level drones. The SNAPTAIN SP500 is an excellent drone that comes with tons of great features. It comes with the HD Camera and Foldable design which makes it an ideal choice for the enthusiast. In this comprehensive review, we will share everything you need to know about the SNAPTAIN SP500. Let’s get started.

Design & Build Quality

The SNAPTAIN SP500 comes with the foldable design which allows you to carry the drone in your bag pack. The design of the SNAPTAIN SP500 is also really good and the build quality is also on par with other drones in this price segment. The drone is strong enough to easily handle the main crashes but still, we would recommend you take caution and avoid crashing it into hard structures or objects. 

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Flying Experience of the Snaptain SP500

The SNAPTAIN SP500 comes with tons of great features that ensure that you get the smooth flying experience. It comes with features such as Circle Fly, Tap-Fly, Follow Me Mode, and many more. It also features the gesture controls which you can use to take photos and videos.

It also comes with drawing a route feature that allows you to draw the route and the drone will follow it. It has an external controller and you can also mount your smartphone on it for live transmission.

Camera Performance

SNAPTAIN SP500 comes with a High-quality camera that can record the footage with a 1080p resolution. You can also live-stream the video but the video quality for live-streaming is 720p with 24 FPS. Also, when you live-stream the video, the limit is 200 meters, if you pass this limit then the streaming will become choppy. However, the overall camera performance of this drone is good and we are satisfied with it.

Battery Performance

The SNAPTAIN SP500 comes with the 1000 mAh Li-Po battery which is not large but still, it offers great flight time. The drone also comes with a modular battery which you can use to extend the flight time. This drone offers the flight time of 15 minutes but if you use the live-transmission then it can drop to 11-12 minutes. 

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  • Great Design & Build Quality
  • Foldable Design
  • Good Camera
  • Solid Flight Time


  • The motor is not strong enough.

Snaptain SP500 – Conclusion

The SNAPTAIN SP500 is surely a great drone under 150. It comes with tons of great features such as gesture control, Circle Fly, Tap-Fly, Follow Me Mode, and others which make it a good choice for the enthusiasts. It also offers a flight time of 15 minutes which you can extend to 30 minutes with an additional battery. Overall, this drone is an ideal option for those who want the foldable drone with a good camera under 150. We would also recommend you to check our “Best Drones under 150” list where we have featured some of the best drones under £150.

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