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RED 5 Drone Review: Everything you need to know

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It’s 2020 and Drone Market is more saturated than ever. There are tons of affordable drones available out there which you can pick and RED 5 Drone is one of them. It is an entry-level drone that comes with tons of features. In this quick review, you will learn everything you need to know about the RED 5 Drone. Let’s get started.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the RED 5 drone is very similar to the other entry-level drones which you would find in the market. However, the main highlight of the RED 5 is that it comes with the blade protector which makes the drone safe to use indoors.

The build quality of RED 5 is also decent and it is what you can expect from an entry-level drone. However, it is a light drone and it suffers in the strong wind.

red 5 drone review

Red 5 Drone Features

The RED 5 is an entry-level drone but still, it comes with many great features that make it an ideal drone. In this drone, you get the following features.

Motion Controlled

RED 5 Drone comes with the hand-held gesture controller which you will need to control your RED 5.  You can use the hand gestures to control the direction of your drone and fly it. Overall, Motion Gestures are great for the entry-level drone.

Headless Mode

RED 5 comes with the headless mode which means you can move it any direction during flying it. However, it is the only flying mode in RED 5. 

360 Degree Stunt 

The RED 5 drone also comes with the 360 Degree Stunt feature which you can use to show off your drone. It works well and you can easily pull it off using the gestures.

Battery Life

RED 5 drone comes with the 280 mAh Li-Po battery which takes around 30 minutes to fully recharge. It offers the flying time of 5-8 minutes which is not bad for an entry-level drone. The remote requires the 3 x AAA Batteries which you will need to buy separately.

Red 5 Drone Review – Conclusion

The RED 5 Drone is a great drone and it offers great value for money. It comes with many great features and overall it is a good gift for the kids. The company also offers the Red Version of the RED 5 which you can get for £20.56 from Amazon. If you are looking for a drone with more features than you can try the RED 5 FX-123 Quadcopter which comes with more advanced features and better build quality. You can get the FX-123 for £63.73.

Red version of Red 5 drone

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