Potensic D80 Review: The Best 2K Drone? (2020)

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It’s 2020, and beginner-friendly drones are better than ever. We have a lot of good drones available, which can offer top of the line drone flying experience without costing a lot of money. The Potensic D80 is one of those drones, it’s the Amazon’s Choice drone, and on paper, it’s looking stunning. I hope that you enjoy this Potensic D80 review.

In this comprehensive Potensic D80 review, we will analyze the various aspects of the Drone, and we will see if it lives up to our expectations or not. Let’s get started.

These are different aspects which we will discuss in this review.

  • Design and Build Quality
  • Flying Experience
  • Camera Performance
  • Battery Performance
  • Pros & Cons of the Potensic D80

Design and Build Quality

Design and build quality are two basic aspects, but these aspects are very important because if a drone doesn’t have a good design or build quality, you won’t have fun with it. So, let’s start with the design and build quality of Potensic D80.

The Potensic D80 comes with a very good design, both in terms of looks as well as aerodynamic. The body of the Drone comes with the smooth edges, which helps the Drone to experience the minimum resistance in the air. 

potensic D80 review

Also, we think that this design could have been much better if it comes with the foldable design, but unfortunately, there’s no foldable design, and you will have to carry it around in the box. So, the portability of this Drone is not as good as the foldable drones.

Now, let’s get to the build quality. The company has used shiny silver plastic for this Drone. The quality of the plastic is good, and we think it will hold well for years provided that you take care of it. The build quality of the Drone is also good enough to handle the minor crashes, but we would recommend avoiding it. 

Overall, we think that D80 comes with great design & build quality. Obviously, the inclusion of foldable design could have made this Drone a much better option, but it is what it is.

Flying Experience

Potensic D80 is designed for beginners, and the company offers a variety of features that make the flying experience as smooth as possible.

These are some of the features which you can use to make your flying experience better.

  • Dual GPS – It’s a convenient feature that offers better positioning of the Drone. Using this feature, you can allow your Drone to fly autonomously, which is pretty cool.
  • Orbit Mode – In this mode, the Drone will keep moving in an orbit around your set position.
  • Follow Me Mode – In this mode, you can simply instruct the Drone to follow you, and it will follow you wherever you will go
  • Way Point – In this mode, you can draw the path using the app, and the Drone will follow the outlined path automatically
  • Automatic Return – We all know that it’s very difficult for the beginners to land the Drone. So, if you are a beginner, you can use this Drone, which allows the Drone to come back with a single button.

These are the different features that will help you make your drone flying experience as simple as possible. Also, it comes with the remote, which you will be using to control the Drone. 

You can mount your smartphone on the remote, which will allow you to enjoy the real-time video transmission, but the maximum transmission distance is 300 meters. Our experience with D80 was fun, and we are also read reviews of other customers, they also love this Drone for its features.

Camera Performance

Potensic D80 comes with the 2K FPV Camera, and it is also 5G compatible so it can use the 5G to send the high-quality transmission to the smartphone. If you want to record the 2K footage, then you will need to insert the SD card into the Drone as it doesn’t come with its own card.

The video quality of the Potensic D80 drone is good. The camera doesn’t come with any gimbal, so the video won’t be as smooth as the one taken with Gimbal. 

So, here’s the deal. If you want a simple 2K drone, just for casual fun or to sharpen your videography, then you can use this Drone. If you are looking for professional-level video quality, then we would recommend checking the drones which come with Gimbal.

Battery performance

Potensic D80 comes with 1800 mAh battery, and the company claims that it should offer up to 20 minutes of flying time. During our tests, the Drone gave the average flight time of 18 minutes, which is not bad considering the size of the battery. 

If you want to extend the flight time, you can always buy some spare batteries. Also, the charging time for the battery is around 5 hours, which is pretty long. So, if you don’t want to miss the fun waiting for the battery to recharge, get a spare battery. 

Pros & Cons of Potensic D80

These are the pros and cons of Potensic D80


  • Dual GPS offers better positioning
  • The Drone is big enough to handle the strong gusts of winds
  • The features such as Follow Me Mode, Orbit Mode, Way Point & Automatic Return make it easier to operate
  • Great Drone for Beginners
  • The quality of the camera is suitable for beginners
  • The range of the Drone with video transmission is 300 meters, and with Remote control, it has around 800 meters range.
  • Comes with a case which makes it easier to move the Drone around
  • Looks premium
  • The flight time is above average


  • No Foldable Design
  • Camera Quality could have been better
  • Not an ideal drone for professionals
  • No obstacle avoidance system

Potensic D80 Review – Conclusion

The Potensic D80 is arguably one of the best drones out there. It’s surely not the best 2K Drone, but it is definitely one of the best drones in this category. If you are a beginner and you want to experience the 2k videography, then you can try this Drone.

Now you tell us. Do you like this Drone? Let us know your answer in the comment section below. Also, feel free to check the reviews of other drones on our website and then make an informed decision.

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