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Drones have come a long way since their inception and now we find drones in all shapes and sizes which give you a wide range of options to choose from. Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars is a great Mini Drone which can be a really good gift for your kids or if you are interested in casual drone photography. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars. Let’s get started on our Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars Review.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars Customisable Quadcopter Minidrone - White
Parrot Mambo FLY
Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars Customisable Quadcopter Minidrone - White
Parrot Mambo FLY
Price not available
Price not available
Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars Customisable Quadcopter Minidrone - White
Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars Customisable Quadcopter Minidrone - White
Price not available
Parrot Mambo FLY
Parrot Mambo FLY
Price not available

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars Review


When it comes to design don’t expect the premium build quality but its build quality is much better than many other drones in this price range. The overall design is good, it is not sturdier as premium drones but it is good enough and if you somehow break any part you can replace with replaceable parts.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars has the dimension of 7.5 x 6 inches and have a height of 1.5 inches which make it easy to carry it in your bag pack. If you remove the bumpers, it will measure 6 x 6 inches. We are impressed with the build quality and our only complaint is about its weight. It is pretty lightweight and if you use it outdoor in strong winds, it will struggle. 

Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars Customisable Quadcopter Minidrone - White
  • A compact MiniDrone with amazing stability and speed, suitable for flying indoors or outside
  • The FreeFlight 3 app offers intuitive control from your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth Smart
  • Take aerial shots like selfies from the sky with the embedded vertical mini camera
  • A lightweight plastic indoor hull protects the propellers from accidental contact
  • Parrot Lithium Polymer battery lasts up to 9 minutes and recharges in 1 hour

Flying Experience

As the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars is geared towards kids, it is very easy to fly and you can control it via the FreeFlight app which is available on both iPhone and Android. The drone connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and from the app, you can control your drone. Overall, the layout of the app is very simple and you will easily learn the controls. To fly the drone, hit the dedicated button on the bottom of the screen, as soon as you press it, the drone will lift from the ground and it will start hovering until you give it the next command. Use the left controls for elevation and sideways movement while the controls on the right side of the screen are for controlling the direction. Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars also comes with autopilot function which is good enough however remember that the drone has the limit of 20 meters. Overall, the flying experience was good, no complaints here. 


Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars comes with an embedded VGA mini camera with the resolution of 480 x 640. Considering the standards the resolution of the camera is below average and you can’t use this camera to take good high-quality photos. However, if you are gifting this drone to your kid for fun then this resolution is perfectly fine and it can take some decent photos with the camera.

Battery Life

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars comes with 550 mAh lithium-polymer battery which gives the battery life of 9 minutes according to the official claim. However, in our experience and some other users, the battery life is about 5-7 minutes which is average. The battery takes up to 25 minutes to recharge with 2.56A charger which you will have to buy separately. 


  • Affordable
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Great Gift for Kids
  • Good Design
  • Intuitive App


  • Battery life is below average.
  • The camera is not good enough.
  • It is only for kids

What are the Alternatives?

The biggest advantage of a highly competitive market is that there are always alternatives which you can buy and in this case, we have two best Alternatives which also offer really good performance and value for money.

Parrot Mambo Fly

Parrot Mambo Fly – It is a really good alternative to the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars as it offers much better stabilization option and it also comes with 60 FPS vertical Camera. Its battery life is slightly better than Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars but this one takes 30 minutes to charge the battery with 2.1A Charger. The major highlight of this drone is that you can code it. You can use your tablets and Chromebooks to program your drone. It uses the Blocks coding and text coding to program the Drone. 

Parrot Mambo FLY
  • Control the drone easily using smartphone or tablet through the free flight mini application available on iOS and android
  • Unique "free fall" take-off system allows Mambo to be hand launched.
  • Write code for your drone through partner applications and marvel as Mambo executes your commands
  • Perform tricks and flips with a selection of presents available in the app

Parrot Airborne Night

  • Parrot Airborne Night – It is another good alternative to Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars and it is almost similar to the Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars in many aspects. Parrot Airborne Night comes with LEDs which make it good for taking photos in low light but unfortunately, its low-resolution camera doesn’t take the benefit of the LEDs. Moreover, it also comes with a sonic sensor which maintains the altitude and position which you won’t find in many Mini Drones. 

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Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars Review – The Bottom line

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars is a decent Mini Drone and it is a really good toy for kids. However, you can’t use it for casual photography. This drone has the decent build quality and it offers good value for money but there are areas like Battery Life and Camera where it suffers. We would recommend you to check the alternatives and then make your decision. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, visit our blog for more useful Drone Reviews including the GoolRC H36 Drone Review.

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