Octocopter Drones: Everything you need to know

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Drones come in all shapes and sizes. The main two types are quadcopters and octocopters. Whereas Quadcopter drones come with 4 propellers, an Octocopter comes with the 8 propellers. Octocopter drones are way more powerful drones than the normal drones and they are preferred by professionals for aerial photography and videography. In this comprehensive guide, we will look into different aspects of the Octocopters. We will also compare them with the Quadcopters which will help you know which type of drone is best for you. We will also suggest some of the best Quadcopters and Octocopters which you can get. Let’s get started.

What are the Benefits of Octocopter Drones?

There are many benefits of Octocopter which make it an ideal choice for those who want some extra power. The following are some of the advantages of Octocopters.

  • They come with pretty huge motors that allow them to carry the heavier payload.
  • They also come with large batteries which allow them to stay in the air for longer periods.
  • Octocopters are designed for professional use so you will also get the best in class components and you will be able to record footage with very little shaking.
  • The normal drones can only reach the limit of a few hundred meters while the Octocopters can reach higher altitudes due to their powerful motors and 8 propellers.

Octocopters vs quadcopters – why go for an Octocopter drone?

When it comes to the Octocopters and quadcopters, there are tons of comparisons already available. However, both types of drones are directed toward a totally different type of users. Quadcopter drones are the regular drones that are geared toward drone enthusiasts or professionals who want a compact device to get some casual footage. 

Octocopter drones are geared toward professional photographers, moviemakers or other artists who want the powerful machine. Octocopter drones offer more power, stability and other features that normally quadcopter drones can’t offer. However, Octocopter drones are also comparatively very expensive. You should go for the Octocopter drone only if you are professional and looking for a powerful machine for your project. 

What to look for in a Quadcopter?

Quadcopters are also very popular and they come with different features that make them ideal for different types of people. You can easily find the quadcopter in the budget segment which will only cost you a few dollars. However, if you want a more advanced quadcopter drone then you can also get one with better features, better camera quality, and improved battery life.

When it comes to quadcopters, you can expect tons of great features. Budget Quadcopters usually come with limited features to save some cost. While the good quadcopter will come with advanced features such as

  • GPS Support
  • Advanced features such as Gesture support, headless mode, failsafe mode and many more
  • Flying time of more than 15 minutes
  • High maneuverability

Quadcopter drones are not as powerful as Octocopter drones but they are comparatively cheaper. You can pick the drone which meets your requirements. Some of the best drone companies for quadcopter drones include Parrot, DJI and Potensic. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap drone, check out the best drones under 300.

Best Octocopter Drones

If you have read-down to this section then you already know enough about the Octocopter drones and you want the best Octocopter drone for yourself. The following are some of the best Octocopter drones available in the market. 

Tarot X8 8-Axis Octocopter

The Tarot X8 is one of the most affordable Octocopter drones available out there. It is an ideal choice for those who want good quality Octocopter without breaking the bank. Tarot X8 can easily carry the heavy camera equipment such as Professional DSLR camera and the gimbal.

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Also, the Tarot X8 is a simple Octocopter and it doesn’t require any complex construction. You can easily assemble by following the simple instructions. It also can carry up to 10 Kg of weight which is great and it equates to approx. 1.25 kg per propeller. If you are looking for a drone for some serious aerial photography and videography drone then Tarot X8 is a great option for you.

XFold Spy X8 

Xfold Spy X8 is top of the line, professional Octocopter drone which can meet all your professional needs. It comes with the carbon fiber build which makes it very strong. Moreover, it can be folded up to 30% of its original size which makes it very portable.

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The Xfold Spy X8 also comes with the gimbal support, receiver support, low-voltage protection, fail-sage protection and tons of autopilot modes. However, this drone is also pretty expensive and it will cost you $3499 (I could find it on Amazon.com but not Amazon.co.uk).


DJI S1000 Spreading Wings Octocopter

The DJI S1000 is an excellent Octocopter which comes with the immense power and great value for money. It has proven to be a very reliable Octocopter for aerial photography and cinematography. The features such as weather-resistant, agility, super camera stabilization, and precision control make it an ideal choice for the professionals out there. The DJI S1000 can carry the cameras and accessories of up to 11 Kg which is a great plus. You can get this drone for approximately $1499 on Amazon, but it’s currently coming up as unavailable. If you see it back on, please comment and let me know!

DJI S1000+, CP.SB.000129
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If you have any good recommendations for Octocopter drones, please drop us a message below and we will be sure to check them out.

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