Holy Stone HS100 Drone Review: The Best 2K Drone?

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The Holy Stone HS100 is one of the most popular drones out there, and it challenges some of the finest drones out there in the 2K Drones category. The Holy Stone HS100 looks very impressive on paper, but does it offers the same performance on the field? Let’s find out in our Holy Stone HS100 Drone Review.

Design & Build Quality

Let’s start with the Design of the Holy Stone HS100 drone. The Holy Stone HS100 comes with very familiar design because it’s the same design that we get on the DJI Phantom series. However, It’s one of the best designs in terms of aerodynamics, and you can expect great performance in the Air. The problem with this design is that it not foldable, so if you are a regular traveler, then you should get a drone with foldable design.

The HS100 also comes with the excellent build quality. It comes with the black plastic body, but it does feel sturdy enough, and we think that it can easily handle the minor crashes. Overall, we are satisfied with the design & build quality of this drone.

Flying Experience

Holy Stone HS100 offers a very pleasant flying experience because it comes with tons of great accessibility features. It comes with features such as Follow me, GPS Auto Return, and Altitude hold, which makes it easier to operate the drone.

As Holy Stone HS100 is a big drone, it can easily handle the strong winds. It also comes with dedicated remote control, and you can attach your smartphone with it to get the live stream from the drone.

Holy Stone HS100

Camera Performance

The Holy Stone HS100 comes with a 2K camera with a 120-degree Field of View (FOV). It’s capable of capturing high-quality photos and videos. The camera performance is also outstanding, and you can easily record high-quality footage using the camera. The drone is also capable of transmitting high-quality footage in real-time using the WIFI. 

Battery Performance

The Holy Stone HS100 comes with 3500 mAh battery, and the company claims that it can offer up to 18 minutes of flying time. However, during our tests, we got the average flying time of 13 minutes, which is lower than the official claim, but it is on par with other drones in this price range. 


  • Great Design & Build Quality
  • Easy to Fly
  • Great for Beginners
  • Excellent Camera Performance
  • Flight Time of 13 minutes


  • Doesn’t include the advanced flight modes
  • No Foldable Design


Holy Stone HS100 is surely one of the best 2K Drones out there, and it comes with some pretty great features. The drone is also easier to operate, which makes it an ideal option for beginners. It also comes with great camera performance and above-average battery life. If you are looking for a drone that is easier to fly and offers great camera performance, then Holy Stone HS100 is a solid option for you.

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