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With so many amazing places to take and fly a drone available, it can be difficult to pick one. The popularity of drones has increased recently and it’s no wonder! Drones allow you to get photos and videos of amazing landscapes from angles that have been previously unimaginable. One brilliant choice is Italy! However, before you head to Italy or any country, it’s important that you are aware of the rules and guidance in regards to flying drones. Each country has its own specific laws that any drone operators must follow.

The good news, you don’t require a license to fly a drone in Italy. As long as your drone is below 25 kg in weight and the power is less than 15 kW, then it’s perfectly legal. Also, although insurance is recommended when flying a drone, it is not a mandatory thing to have. However, it is very helpful to assist with any damages that could be caused. Anyone can fly a drone in Italy, even younger children. If you have insurance, before you leave your own country, make sure your drone is still covered in Italy.

An important rule is, when flying your drone, you must be able to see it at all times. Just like when driving a car, if you need to wear glasses to see longer distance then these must be worn. This rule does apply to viewing the drone through any other device, it must be seen by your own eyes only. In addition to this, the drone must always be within 200 m from the operator and should not fly more than 70 m from the ground.

In regards to where you can fly your drone, as long as you’re far away from houses and people, railroads, roads etc. then you can operate your drone. When flying, make sure you are never flying over people as this is not allowed at all in Italy. There is also a rule where you are not allowed to fly over cities and towns. One of these particular cities is Venice where many drones were flying into St Mark’s church and falling into crowds of people. There are other places you can not fly your drone other than residential areas. For example, drones must stay 5 km away from airports and you are not allowed to fly over prisons, schools, military-controlled areas, industrial settings and ‘sensitive infrastructure’. Lastly, it is prohibited that you fly your drone over any beaches during the bathing season, which usually lasts from the 15th of June to the 15th of September, as well as national parks

Another piece of good news is that you are allowed to take photos and videos with your drone and post them wherever you like, however, there are of course some restrictions you must follow. One of these rules is that photos must not be sold to other people or post as professional work. Furthermore, an even more important rule is to respect public privacy. Italy is one of the many countries which have adopted the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that it is alright to take pictures of people who are in landscapes however, it is against the law to take photos of anyone in their own or property, workplace or any private space without having gotten permission beforehand. You must also never bother anyone with your drone or follow people.

Now that we have covered the rules and guidelines when flying your drone, perhaps it would be useful to get some ideas of where to fly. The first idea is the 50 km long stretch of coastline otherwise known as the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast can be found in the province of Salerno and features golden sand and crystal clear water. Around the coast, you will come across some stunning cliff edges and some quaint, bright fishing villages. Along the coastal roads, you may also come across vineyards and lemon groves which will really add something special to your photos!

Also, there is the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. The region itself takes in a range of places in Italy. Florence, it’s capital, is known for its art and architecture, however, Tuscany can be considered most famous for its landscape. The Tuscan landscape takes into account incredible countryside as well as spanning out to the Apennine mountain range. You may also come across some vineyards and olive groves which can be found in Chianti. Tuscany offers a range of the lower down countryside as well as mountain ranges making it an excellent spot for taking your drone.


All in all, Italy has a very relaxed approach to drone flying making it a brilliant choice! They are very respectful to drone operators as long as they also respect the rules and guidelines of the county. The rules themselves are easy to follow and this will be rewarded by the ability to capture the vast and amazing Italian landscape from the sky!

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