Drone Services

Drone Services in the UK

The history of Drones dates back to 1839 but they have come to spotlight in the last 2 decades. They have become immensely popular and they are being used for various purposes, ranging from food Surveillance to Wedding Photography. In the UK, there are tons of drone services offered by big companies. In this quick guide, we will discuss the various Drone Services in the UK. Let’s get started.

Wedding Photography

One of the major drone services these days is Wedding Photography. Using the DSLRs for photography is cool but they have become very common and people who want something different, they prefer to use the drones for their wedding photography. Drones allow you to capture the photos from unique angles that DSLRs can’t offer. 

Aerial Photography & Videography

Aerial Photography & Videography is another very interesting use of a drone. You can use these services to cover your events or make promotional videos for your businesses. Drones can provide the bird-eye view which not only looks cool but it will surely turn heads.

Drone Inspections & Surveys

Drones also very useful for inspections & Surveys. Building Inspection can be a very costly and hazardous process but by using drones, you can do it safely and inexpensively. Drones come with the HD Cameras which can record the buildings & structures with a great resolution which will help the builders to find the trouble spots. Similarly, companies also use drones to surveying construction sites.

Disaster Management

When it comes to disaster management the thing which counts the most is the speed of the responders. Drones are considered very essential tools when it comes to disaster management because you can quickly deploy them and their live-feed cameras can help the first responders to pinpoint the locations where people need help. 

Drone Surveillance

Many drone companies in the US offer the Drone Surveillance feature for events or fests. Drones allow the security personnel to monitor the site from the top which allows clear view and it improves their ability to quickly respond if things go south.  

2D & 3D Mapping

2D & 3D Mapping is another field where drones can help. Many drone companies in the UK use the drones to cover the structures 2 or 3 dimensionally and then use that footage to construct the 2D or 3D Models. These models come with information such as Coordinates, high-resolution images, and other important data that can help the builders.