Drone Jobs

Jobs for Drone Pilots

Military Drone Jobs

Many Military Services around the world acknowledge the importance of drones and they have drones for both offensive purposes as well as for surveillance purposes. If you think that your drone flying skills are exceptional then you can apply to become Drone Pilot in the Royal Air Force or British Armed Forces. 

Drone Photography

If your photography skills are good and you also have good drone flying skills then Drone Photography is an ideal job for you. In this job, you will be using your drone to take photos of different events, weddings, buildings, etc. The Drone Photography role varies from company to company, some company hires the general drone photographer who can cover all types of events while some companies focus on different aspects of drone photography and hire the specialist.


Drones have become a very important part of Film-Making and we see many beautiful drone shots in the Movies and documentaries. If you are the Drone Pilot with some great videography skills then you can join the Film-Studio or agency. You can also go for the specializations and focus on the corporate videography where you can work for the big corporations. 

Assessing the damage in Natural Disasters

If you have good drone flying skills then you can use them to help other people. Many Emergency response departments and NGOs hire drone pilots which help them to access the damages and also identify the people who need help. This role also comes with some additional duties such as accessing the damages in the disasters and construct a detailed report.

Drone Surveyor

Many Construction companies are also using drones in different departments which helps them do hazardous tasks without any risks. These companies use the drones for making the 2D or 3D models of the sites and accessing the damage to the structures using the Drone Cameras. If you are going for this job then you might also want to learn how to operate the Photogrammetry software for 3D Mapping.

Drone Journalist

Drone Journalist is another very interesting role that you can take as a drone pilot. Many News Channels and Agencies hire the drone pilots to capture the photos and videos for their News bulletins and Newspapers. 

Police Drone Operator

Drones are being used in almost every walk of life and they are also being used for security purposes. Many Police Departments hire Drone Operators for surveillance or catching the fugitives. Using the Helicopters for tracking the fugitives can be very expensive and the drone is a great and inexpensive substitute for it.